Michaela Huber

Stress expert

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Michaela Huber in the SWR Nachtcafé (Photo: Baschi Bender)

Michaela Huber

Stress expert

Michaela Huber is a psychological psychotherapist, supervisor, trainer, translator and author of numerous specialist books. Together with Prof. Reddemann and Dr Arne Hofmann Michaela Huber established modern trauma therapy in Germany. The three experts were supported by Onno van der Hart and Ellert Nijenhuis. As an expert, she can be seen time and again in TV formats and advises politicians, organisations and associations. She was the first woman outside the USA and the first German to receive the internationally renowned "International Distinguished Achievement Award" for her research and publications. She was awarded the Pappenheim Prize for her international commitment to improving the situation of women with dissociative identity disorder. Michaela Huber received the Federal Cross of Merit for her international commitment to severely traumatised people, for initiating the first women's shelters and establishing psychotrauma centres as well as for international networking of colleagues working with traumatised people. Ms Huber has already worked as a psychotraumatologist in the Kosovo war and is now working for traumatised girls and women in the Ukraine war. After Germany, Ms Huber and her team are setting up international institutes for research, teaching and therapy of stress disorders in Estonia, Portugal, Andalusia, Mallorca and Morocco. Further countries are already being planned.

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Year group

*** Also available as bundle | 10% save ***

In the year group, the "state of the art" of diagnostics and treatment for stress disorders is taught.


On case supervision led by Michaela Huber & Kathrin Contzen
Supervision for professionals who have experience and training in treating people with stress disorders.

Special seminar

The sequential training on the topic: Stress sequelae disorders in people after leaving organised exploitation and destructive bonds.


Retreat Seminar in Portugal

Brain - Body - Relationship: How do we experience - and heal - the three systems?

Retreat seminar from 16.05. - 20.05.2023 in Portugal at the Algarve

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MH Michaela Huber

MH Michaela Huber

Michaela Huber is a licensed psychological psychotherapist, supervisor and trainer in Tra

5 days ago
MH Michaela Huber

Bundle at Amazon
Trauma and the consequences
Ways of treating trauma

#Stextress disorders have become one of the most common #Stroubles in our #Company. They burden the #People affected very much. But also their #Families. For #Aemployer the cost of stress-related disorders is a major challenge. For the #Health insurance funds an extreme cost burden. It is therefore all the more important that those affected receive sufficient outpatient, but also inpatient therapy places.

This book is aimed at interested lay people and experts who work with people suffering from stress disorders.

Book 1 explores the questions: How long can we endure and persevere without suffering long-term serious consequences? Who and what causes this stress? What are the consequences? How does it affect a child's development?

Book 2 shows ways of treating trauma. It is essential to work in an attachment-oriented way "on the inner stage" and help to establish inner connections. Only then can clients also benefit deeply from cognitive and behavioural as well as body-therapeutic treatment methods. To this end, the book presents tools as well as many exercises and creative ideas that are also suitable for working with complexly traumatised people.

#michaelahuber #stress expert #stress consequence disorders #ptbs #KTBS #trauma #dissociation #icd11 #dsm5 #dissociative identity disorder #war #soldiers #civilians 1TP5Rescue forces 1TP5Police 1TP5Doctors 1TP5Refugees 1TP5Victims of violence #abuse #Abuse 1TP5Human Trafficking #slaves #prostitution #pedocrime 1TP5accident 1TP5crisis 1TP5environmental destruction 1TP5environmental disaster #ahrtal #epigentic #ransgenerational trauma #ransgenerationalestrauma #ransgenerational
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Bundle bei AmazonTrauma und die FolgenWege der Traumabehandlung https://amzn.eu/d/cMrVZe0#Stressfolgestörungen gehören mittlerweilse zu den häufigsten #Störungen in unserer #Gesellschaft. Sie belasten die #Betroffenen sehr. Aber auch deren #Familien. Für #Arbeitgeber stellen die Kosten der Stressfolgestörungen eine große Herausforderung da. Für die #Krankenkassen eine extreme Kostenbelastung. Um so wichtiger ist es, dass die Betroffenen ausreichend ambulante, aber auch stationäre Therapieplätze erhalten. Dieses Buch richtet sich an interessiete Laien und an ExpertInnen, die mit Menschen arbeiten, die an Stressfolgestörungen leiden.Im Buch 1 wird den Fragen nachgegangen: Wie lange können wir aus- und durchhalten, ohne langfristige schwere Folgen davonzutragen? Wer und was verursacht diesen Stress? Welche Konsequenzen hat er? Wie wirkt er sich auf eine kindliche Entwicklung aus? Im Buch 2 werden Wege der Traumabehandlung aufgezeigt. Unerlässlich ist bindungsorientiert „auf der inneren Bühne“ arbeiten und helfen, innere Verbindungen herzustellen. Erst dann können Klient*innen auch von kognitiven und verhaltensorientierten sowie körpertherapeutischen Behandlungsmethoden tief innerlich profitieren. Dazu werden im Buch Tools sowie viele Übungen und kreative Ideen vorgestellt, die sich auch in der Arbeit mit komplex traumatisierten Menschen eignen.#michaelahuber #stressexpertin #stressfolgestörungen #ptbs #KTBS #trauma #dissoziation #icd11 #dsm5 #dissoziativeidentitätsstörung #krieg #soldaten #zivilisten #rettungskräfte #polizei #ärzte #geflüchtete #gewaltopfer #missbrauch #misshandlung #menschenhandel #sklaven #prostitution #pädokriminalität #unfall #krise #umweltzerstörung #umweltkatastrophe #ahrtal #epigentic #transgenerationaltrauma #transgenerationalestrauma #transgenerational

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Have several of her books. All of them are excellent to read. Also for non-therapists. Also have the inner garden and safe place.

I still have the first editions in my cupboard. Above all, the source references and references to studies were a purchase for me to make a decision. I have rarely found such detailed source references as in Ms Huber's work.

Our society is really broken, will that help?

I hope I still get a bundle. It says there are only a few left. It would be a shame if the first edition was already sold out.

What you have done for mentally ill people socially and politically is incredible. I am very grateful to you for that.

I am already curious about the two ways.

The book can be very guiding.

I just saw that you have written a book with Mr. Peymani. I am very much looking forward to it.

Michaela Huber has always been good

I'm happy to buy the book.

I am already looking forward to more from you

I want it so bad <3

I always enjoy being here with you

Exciting topic, where can I get more information?

Great post (Y)

I know her from various TV contributions, very good woman! Respect

Really cool, keep it up!

Will there be another interview about this?

Very good, I can recommend it!

Super Mrs Huber



Great, an issue I'm going to get!

There's a direct heart like from me 👌🏼

Simply must be supported!

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5 days ago
MH Michaela Huber

3 dates in Germany: Summer Academy 2023. For experts and interested lay people. With live work and case supervision. All info at mh-akademie.com

# Training 1TP5Further education #michaelahuber #psychotherapist #supervisor #rainer #psychology #Psychotherapy #stress expert #stress consequence disorders #PTBS #KTBS #trauma
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3 Termine in Deutschland: Sommerakademie 2023. Für Experten und interessierte Laien. Mit Livearbeit und Fallsupervion. Alle Infos auf mh-akademie.com #ausbildung #weiterbildung #michaelahuber #psychotherapeutin #supervisorin #ausbilderin #psychologie #psychotherapie #stressexpertin #stressfolgestörungen #ptbs #ktbs #trauma

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Class. Is there a book table again?

Do you also read from your books or is this just a lecture for experts?

Super thing. Finally live again in Germany. Gave it away immediately.

Do you have to be a psychologist or can other people go there too?

Is it recorded or is it just live?

Oh what a pity, then it's partly holidays. I don't think I'll get leave then.

I had hoped they would do an event in Kassel. Berlin is far too big for me and every day you read about attacks and even assassinations there. Is it perhaps recorded or is it hybrid?

All hell is breaking loose in Berlin at the moment. Only violence, the climate stickers are terrorising the city, assaults every day. I don't know if this is really a city for such an important event. The police have practically nothing under control any more.

Tomorrow the application for leave will be submitted immediately. Looking forward to it!

Are there special prizes for people with disabilities?

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1 week ago
MH Michaela Huber

Next supervision day with Michaela Huber and Kathrin Contzen on 07.06.2023 from 1 to 6 pm. Certified points applied for at the Chamber.
Opportunity for case discussion and detailed questions.
Registration under www.mh-akademie.com/veranstaltung/supervision-2023-webinar-am-07-juni-2023/
#supervision 1TP5Further education 1TP5Case meeting #psychology #herapy #forensics #psychiatry #Practice #michaelahuber
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Nächster Supervisionstag mit  Michaela Huber und Kathrin Contzen am 07.06.2023 von 13 bis 18 Uhr. Zertifizierte Punkte bei der Kammer beantragt. Möglichkeit zur Fallbesprechung und detaillierte Fragen. Anmeldung unter https://www.mh-akademie.com/veranstaltung/supervision-2023-webinar-am-07-juni-2023/#supervision #weiterbildung #fallbesprechung #psychologie #Therapie #forensik #psychiatrie #praxis #michaelahuber

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All the youth welfare offices need training from them. What goes on there is a horror for children.

Can students also participate?

What is supervision exactly? Is it something like coaching?

As soon as our little one is ready, I'll be back.

Is supervision something like coaching?

Can only doctors and psychologists participate in the supervisions or also social workers?

Are they recorded or are they live events?

Do you also offer the supervision days to individual institutions?

I have passed it on. Great!

Are there also discounts for people in training here?

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2 weeks ago
MH Michaela Huber

How do we deal with it when the # Death touched us - through their own #Suture death#Experience of all kinds or by the early or late 1TP5Loss of a loved one? The journalist and author Bijan Peymani has - flanked by contributions from my colleague Dorothea Rau-Lembke and I - have written what I hope will be a stimulating book for readers who are not looking for cheap comfort literature, which is now available for pre-order and will be available in a few days.

"Death is an Imposition" by Bijan Peymani with guest contributions by Dorothea Rau-Lembke and MH Michaela Huber

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Wie gehen wir damit um, wenn der #Tod uns angefasst hat - durch eigene #Nahtod-#Erfahrungen aller Art oder durch den frühen oder späten #Verlust eines geliebten Menschen? Der Journalist und Autor Bijan Peymani hat - flankiert von Beiträgen meiner Kollegin Dorothea Rau-Lembke und mir - ein für die Leser, die keine billige Trostliteratur suchen, hoffentlich anregendes Buch geschrieben, das jetzt vorbestellbar und in wenigen Tagen erhältlich ist.„Der Tod ist eine Zumutung“ von Bijan Peymani mit Gastbeiträgen von Dorothea Rau-Lembke und MH Michaela Huber https://www.bod.de/buchshop/der-tod-ist-eine-zumutung-bijan-peymani-9783756858200
2 weeks ago
MH Michaela Huber

Tomorrow we start our first retreat, self-care and self-awareness for helpers, in healing, helping and social professions.

Brain - Body - Relationship: How do we experience - and heal - the three systems?

The next retreat will take place in Mallorca in autumn and of course next year again in Portugal.

Note: in summer our Summer Academy takes place in Germany live and in presence with Michaela Huber, Kathrin Contzen Dorothea Rau-LembkeJac Vesta Schwarz, Inga Hachmann - Therapist & Coach and many more!

All info on www.mh-akademie.com
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Morgen startet unser erstes Retreat, Selbstfürsorge und Selbsterfahrung für Helfende, in Heilenden-, Helfenden- und Sozialberufen. Gehirn – Körper – Beziehung: Wie erleben – und heilen – wir die drei Systeme?Das nächste Retreat findet im Herbst auf Mallorca statt und natürlich im nächsten Jahr wieder in Portugal. Hinweis: im Sommer findet in Deutschland unsere Sommerakademie live und in Präsenz mit Michaela Huber, Kathrin Contzen Dorothea Rau-Lembke, Jac Vesta Schwarz, Inga Hachmann - Therapeutin & Coach uvm statt! Alle Infos auf www.mh-akademie.com

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Have a great time 🖖👍🏻😉

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