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Michaela Huber in the SWR Nachtcafé (Photo: Baschi Bender)

Mrs Huber is:
Women Leaders in Healthcare

MH MIchaela Huber PPT Academy and Practice | Kassel, Hesse, Germany | Invention of modern stress and trauma therapy, invention of modern treatment methods, | Michaela Huber
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ISSTD Distinguished Achievement Award
Michaela Huber was honoured with the ISSTD Distinguished Achievement Award for her outstanding contributions in the field of trauma therapy.
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Bertha Pappenheim Prize
Michaela Huber received the Bertha Pappenheim Prize from the German Association for her dedicated work and publications on dissociative identity disorders in women.
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Federal Cross of Merit
Michaela Huber was awarded the Federal Cross of Merit for her commitment to trauma therapy, the establishment of psychotrauma centres and networking in the field.
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ghp Healthcare & Pharma Awards
"Global Healthcare & Pharma Award 2023" for the best psychological education and training programme in Europe.
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ghp Mental Health Awards
At the ghp Mental Health Awards 2023, Michaela Huber was honoured as "Best Psychological Psychotherapist". This recognition reflects her outstanding work and commitment to psychotherapy.
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Michaela Huber

Stress expert

Michaela Huber is a psychological psychotherapist, supervisor, trainer, translator and author of numerous specialist books. Together with Prof. Reddemann and Dr Arne Hofmann Michaela Huber established modern trauma therapy in Germany. The three experts were supported by Onno van der Hart and Ellert Nijenhuis.

As an expert, she can be seen time and again in TV formats and advises politicians, organisations and associations. She was the first woman outside the USA and the first German to receive the internationally renowned "International Distinguished Achievement Award" for her research and specialist publications. She was awarded the Pappenheim Prize for her international commitment to improving the situation of women with dissociative identity disorder. Michaela Huber received the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany for her international commitment to severely traumatised people, for initiating the first women's shelters and establishing psychotrauma centres as well as for the international networking of colleagues who work with traumatised people.

Furthermore, Michaela Huber was awarded the "Mental Health Award 2023" for her therapeutic lifetime achievement, the "Global Healthcare & Pharma Award 2023" for the best psychological education and training programme in Europe and the "Women World Award 2023″ (USA) for "research in stress and trauma therapy and the development of modern treatment methods".

Ms Huber has already served as a psychotraumatologist in the Kosovo war and is now working for traumatised girls and women in the Ukraine war. After Germany, she and her team are setting up international institutes for research, teaching and therapy of stress disorders in Estonia, Portugal, Andalusia, Mallorca and Morocco. Other countries are already being planned.

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MH Michaela Huber

MH Michaela Huber

Michaela Huber is a licensed psychological psychotherapist, supervisor and trainer in Tra

24 hours ago
MH Michaela Huber

Does the description in the video sound familiar to you or your clients/patients?

Did you also have the feeling that such a dark and heavy mood of silence prevailed in your family with regard to certain topics? Or do your clients/patients report this?

Do you experience feelings of guilt or deep sadness that you cannot explain? Have your clients/patients described such feelings to you?

Then come and see us! We will not only explain to you where this can come from and where the causes can be. We will also show you what you can do about it.

For last-minute travellers even this week: 01 - 02 December 2023 from 12:00 to 18:00!
Transgenerational trauma! What helps to get out of the spiral of trauma transmission?

All information and booking simply here: www.mh-akademie.com/veranstaltung/transgenerationale-traumatisierung/

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2 days ago
MH Michaela Huber

Being able to feel self-love and then practising it is not that easy.
Most of the time we are too stressed and don't have the peace and quiet to really look after ourselves.

Two books by Michaela Huber can provide gentle and safe support for less stress and more self-love.

The safe place
Exercises to convey protection and security internally

and the inner garden
14 exercises to overcome your own helplessness and rediscover or further develop your own abilities and resources.

If you have any questions, please contact us: info@michaela-huber.com

#stress 1TP5Chest # division 1TP5Acceptance 1TP5Capacity #elove yourself 1TP5Security #innerergarten 1TP5Salvaged place #mhacademy #stress experts
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Thank you.

4 days ago
MH Michaela Huber

6 months ago, together with the BAGbN the "Stress and Trauma Consequences" group.

As low-threshold help for those affected, as a contact point for family members, interested parties and as an exchange platform for experts.

Over 1600 members who show how important it is to have a protected area in which those affected can exchange ideas, appreciate, support and build each other up.

Congratulations to everyone who took part and thank you to the great presenters.

Would you like to become a member? With pleasure. But please respect the high standards of the rules. Because the safety of those affected comes first.


#bagbn #michaelahuber #trauma #stress #sequences #Self-help group
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Thank you very much for this group. We feel very much at home here

4 days ago
MH Michaela Huber

Today is 25 November 2023, the "Day against Violence against Women" and the day on which a large peace demonstration was held in Berlin.

In the statement, Michaela Huber talks about the "Day against Violence against Women" and the "Peace Demo" and what the two have to do with each other.
#michaelahuber #mhacademy #stress experts #psychologist #supervisor 1TP5Author #trauma 1TP5Violence #war 1TP5Women #TagAgainstViolenceAgainstWomen #peace demo
www.michaela-huber.com www.mh-akademie.com
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5 days ago
MH Michaela Huber

Working with perpetrators or perpetrator-loyal parts in affected persons is a therapeutic challenge. What do they do? How do they act? Why do they do it?

The entire presentation is available here: shop.auditorium-netzwerk.de/detail/index/sArticle/3996

If you want to learn how to work therapeutically with inner reflections, especially in the case of structural dissociation, including split-off states, parts of personalities, etc., then this is the right training course for you: www.mh-akademie.com/jahresgruppe/

For doctors, therapists, psychiatrists and psychologists, social workers, pastoral workers, counsellors in forensics, prisons, psychiatric and somatic clinics, surgeries, counselling centres, aftercare facilities for prisoners, victim protection associations, victim counselling centres, public administrations, the military, police and judiciary.

Certified further training in accordance with legal and professional association requirements. Online seminars, small group work, guest lecturers from the fields of criminology and justice, exclusive live work, exclusive case studies, access to extensive video material, access to extensive training documents (handouts), access to extensive bibliographies. Discounts on supervision, purchase of literature and practical tools.

#herapy #raumatherapy #michaelahuber 1TP5Offender work 1TP5 Perpetrator loyalty shares #herapeutic challenge 1TP5Structural dissociation #Personality traits 1TP5Further education #mhacademy 1TP5Physicians #therapists #psychiatrists #Psychologists #forensics #JVAS #clinics 1TP5Practices #Counselling centres 1TP5Aftercare facilities # certification #online seminars 1TP5Small group work 1TP5Criminology #Justice #Police #forensics #JVA #psychiatry Clinic #somatic 1TP5Offender work 1TP5Protecting victims 1TP5Live work 1TP5Case studies 1TP5Video material #Training material #Literature lists #Supervision #Buying literature #Practical tools

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