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Michaela Huber

Psychological psychotherapist

Michaela Huber is a psychological psychotherapist, supervisor, trainer in trauma therapy and author of numerous specialist books. As an expert, she can be seen time and again in TV formats and advises politicians, organisations and associations. She was the first woman outside the USA and the first German to receive the internationally renowned International Distinguished Achievement Award for her research and publications. She was awarded the Pappenheim Prize for her international commitment to improving the situation of women with dissociative identity disorder. Michaela Huber received the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany for her international commitment to severely traumatised people, for the establishment of psychotrauma centres and for the international networking of colleagues who work with traumatised people. 

International expert recommendation for the treatment of Dissociative Identity Disorder PDF and www.degpt.de

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Learn more about the seminars and webinars of MH Akademie Michaela Huber PPT around the topics of trauma, supervision, dissociation and many more.

Recognising and understanding complex trauma and dissociation
Dealing with severely and complexly traumatised people is a challenge. But those who come out of unbearable situations urgently need attentive and individually adapted support.
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Supervision 2022
The Supervision 2022 webinar will take place on 12 August 2022.
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Hypnotherapeutic possibilities and affect modulation
Dysfunctional attachment principles in families characterised by neglect, attachment trauma and maltreatment.
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Supervision 2022
The Supervision 2022 webinar will take place on 14 September 2022.
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Working with perpetrator projects in complex trauma
What to do when therapeutic progress within a client is repeatedly boycotted? When every effort in a positive direction is thwarted by destructive thoughts, feelings and actions?
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MH Michaela Huber

MH Michaela Huber

Michaela Huber is a licensed psychological psychotherapist, supervisor and trainer in Tra

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If there is an environment.....

Shame is a great weakness that drains a lot of energy! Overcoming this is the first important step! Friends, therapists, pastors, doctors.....people who radiate confidence!

Please explain this to the doctors and experts .

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"Those who do not realise a trauma are forced to repeat or reenact it."

The #Format ZDF, 37 Grad, has an exciting theme week: Trauma, DIS, PTSD.

I have been researching, lecturing and training doctors and therapists on this topic for 40 years.
It is important for affected persons and relatives of affected persons to understand what is trauma, how does this occur, why is it important to deal with the cause of trauma and what is transgenerational trauma.

#zdf #37degrees #rauma #ptbs #dis #michaelahuber
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Wer ein Trauma nicht realisiert ist gezwungen es zu wiederholen oder zu reinszenieren.  Das #Format ZDF, 37 Grad, hat eine spannende Themenwoche: Trauma, DIS, PTBS.  Seit 40 Jahren forsche, referiere und bilde ich zu diesem Thema Ärzte und Therapeuten aus. Wichtig ist für Betroffene und Angehörige von Betroffenen zu verstehen, was ist ein Trauma, wie entsteht dies, warum ist es wichtig, sich mit dem Grund eines Trauma auseinander zu setzen und was sind transgenerationale Traumata.  #zdf #37grad #Trauma #ptbs #dis #michaelahuberImage attachmentImage attachment

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yes, to understand oneself in it, to be able to process it then, helps to accept oneself in it and to go on one's way, -without family- because they are not ready to process anything and to reflect and so they continue to demand the old sick behaviour... that is the price for development. the freedom and sovereignty is the reward...❤️

Dear MH Michaela Huber, how do you work with the issue of repetition compulsion without slipping into guilt induction? I don't like the formulation of repetition or re-enactment and especially for patients who are struggling with assigning responsibility to the perpetrator it creates inappropriate feelings of guilt.

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1 year ago, the LKA, UBSKM and EUROPOL already warned of the increasing cases of abuse in Germany. Now the numbers have risen again. We need to listen and look more closely when children withdraw, change, hide their bodies, become conspicuously quiet or aggressive. Parents need support. Financially and socially. The social destruction of the family has led to a lack of helping grandparents as well as important godparents. New structures are therefore needed. In addition, counselling centres must not be allowed to close because of pandemics, nor must their staff be afraid to show their presence in hotspot neighbourhoods. Youth welfare offices, social workers and teachers urgently need comprehensive training on why children who are neglected, maltreated and abused have a strong attachment system to the perpetrators. The more difficult policies make life for young families, the more these numbers will increase. Children are not collateral damage of ideologised policies. We must leave no child behind. #Mabuse 1TP3Neglect #Mabuse #Michaelahuber ... Mehr anzeigenWeniger anzeigen

Vor 1 Jahr warnten bereits LKA, UBSKM und EUROPOL vor den steigenden Missbrauchsfällen in Deutschland. Jetzt sind die Zahlen wieder gestiegen. Wir müssen genauer hinhören und hinsehen, wenn Kinder sich zurückziehen, verändern, ihren Körper verstecken, auffällig still oder aggressiv werden. Eltern brauchen Unterstützung. Finanzieller Art und sozial. Die gesellschaftliche Zerstörung der Familie hat mit zur Folge, dass helfende Großeltern ebenso fehlen, wie wichtige Paten. Es bedarf daher neuer Struktuten. Zudem Beratungsstellen dürfen weder wegen Pandemien schließen, noch deren Mitarbeiter  Angst haben in Brennpunktvierteln Präsenz zu zeigen. Jugendämter, Sozialarbeiter und Lehrer müssen dringend umfassend geschult werden, warum Kinder, die verwahrlosen, misshandelt und missbraucht werden ein festes Bindungssystem zu den Tätern haben. Je schwieriger die Politik die Lebensumstände für junge Familien machen, desto mehr werden diese Zahlen steigen. Kinder sind keine Kollateralschäden ideologisierter Politik. Wir dürfen kein Kind zurücklassen. #Misshandlung #Verwahrlosung #Missbrauch #MichaelahuberImage attachmentImage attachment

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The big problem is that the children's parents don't want to admit that the children are being abused and then just close their eyes and don't act, precisely because such abuses almost always come from the closest circle, i.e. grandparents, uncles, aunts and so on, the parents would then say that their father or brother or whatever would never do something like that, and then it remains undetected for years and the perpetrators can often continue for years with it🤷♀️and at the youth welfare office exactly the same, ma hears some stories of what all scary things happen there!!

And even we, as adults, do not receive any support, neither from the health insurance nor from the social services, even many years later. The struggle that we had to innocently wage for many years, we continue in a different way, so that survival can become a little bit of life. But often the price for continuing to fight with the authorities is simply too high - a life that never began must not exist afterwards. And as long as there are employees in these authorities who cannot begin to understand what pure daily survival looks like, and the politicians do nothing, things cannot get any better. If one is too weak and forced to constantly prepare legal documents and is even exposed to insinuations by the authorities, which leads to breakdowns, it is catastrophic, intimidating, leads to even more despair, hopelessness, self-hatred, massive fears, etc.. Financially ruined too. If we victims can't even find a therapist because they feel overwhelmed with us, if you have to wait months or even years for an in-patient therapy place and local psychiatric clinics retraumatise because they have no experience or lack staff, then I honestly worry a lot about those who are not even covered by the "system yet" and need help in the future. If the system is already unable or does not want to provide help, then it will be no different with a dramatic increase in the number of people affected. "One would like to help everyone, but please it must not cost anything"! Prevention, looking and immediate action would certainly be more effective and cheaper, but even there, investments have to be made first, but it all seems to be too expensive - a child's life is too expensive and we are discussing the 9 Euro ticket - pathetic! According to the motto "stinginess is cool and we can't save everyone either" - if it wasn't actually like that, then I could actually call the sentence cynical or sarcastic.

A lot to do and certainly not easy to motivate everyone involved in the long term! All the best!

I think that all those who deal with it know that these crimes mostly come from the family and the environment? And sorry, if someone is in emotional or financial distress, then they have to take it out on their children? And on top of that the sexual side? I get so angry when I read something like this. Sometimes it almost sounds like understanding or apology. NO, THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR SUCH THINGS!

then it's going exactly the way the politicians want it! If they didn't want it, it wouldn't be like this - Article 6 has been in the Basic Law for a long time... 🙁

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Heute Abend, #ZDF, Ich bin viele. #multiplepersönlichkeit #dis #dissoziation #michaelahuber

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Very few people get that much support... But I also wonder if it's a good thing if all the little ones' needs are met from the outside?

Thank you very much for your wonderful work Mrs Huber.

Some of the comments are disgusting... From "fake" to "the shares are deceased souls" to "Mrs Huber and her conspiracy theories" (the part has since been removed)....

Interesting and informative documentary, as I did not know until the documentary that there are systems where all personalities have the same name. However, this documentary again only shows the side of DIS patients who often switch and need a lot of help in everyday life. But there are also people with DIS who can go about their daily lives with their jobs and everything normally and where the switching of personalities happens very rarely. Therefore, it would be a point of criticism on my part from the previous documentaries on the subject of DIS.

One could have hoped for more...

Very interesting, thank you

Maybe it would work here and Mrs.Huber would answer.would have been so nice.LG

But that is very short for this topic 🧐

ohh, does the good one have to pay tax 12 times now too? 🤔

I preferred to watch a home movie!

How terrible must that be?

That was fascinating

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Ihr lehrer trieb sie in die prostitution

Your teacher drove you into prostitution

By Lena Stallmach (text) and Anja Lemcke (illustrations)

Source: New Bürcher Newspaper ( 29 August 2020)

Interview with Michaela Huber

YouTube Podcast #95 by Verena König

DAS! with psychotherapist Michaela Huber

As a psychotherapist and trauma expert, Michaela Huber helps by phone and supports people in the Corona crisis.

On DAS! she talks about how fears can be overcome.

Books & Publications

One self out of many selves?

Michaela Huber, Elisabeth Kernen, Thorsten Becker

Trauma, dissociation and identity
What are the consequences of emotional, physical or sexual violence?

What becomes of people who had to suffer early losses and violence? And who had to split off these fundamentally shattering experiences through structural dissociation?
What does it mean when someone could not develop a unified identity but became "many"?

You can order the book under the following link:

Victims or accomplices? Cruel mothers and the long suffering of children

Abuse case of Staufen

Current article in Star Online:

The abuse case in Staufen clearly shows that mothers can also cruelly torture their own children for years. But there are ways and means to prevent such acts from happening again.

A Analysis by Michaela Huber

The inner exit

by Michaela Huber with illustrations by Janina Röhrig

Published in 2018 by Books on Demand (ISBN-13: 9783752821482).

The hardcover edition has 352 pages and is available for 39 euros among other things. here available.

Lectures and workshops

by and with psychotherapist Michaela Huber

Available as CD and DVD from Autitorium Netzwerk

New publications 2016

The safe place

(Ed.) Michaela Huber

Safety and calming in the case of chronic stress. The six exercises contained in the book - spoken by Michaela Huber herself - can also be found on the enclosed CD.

Junfermann  2016 (17,90 Euro) 
ISBN: 978-3-95571-053-8

Transgenerational traumatisation

Michaela Huber & Reinhard Plassmann (eds.)

Each generation passes on emotional experiences to the next in different ways - both positive and negative. Even traumatic experiences from war and other contexts of violence are far from over with the generation directly experiencing them. ... 

(Eds.) Michaela Huber, Reinhard Plassmann
ISBN: 978-3-87387-916-4 (30,00 Euro)

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