Michaela Huber

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Michaela Huber in the SWR Nachtcafé (Photo: Baschi Bender)

Mrs Huber is:
Women Leaders in Healthcare

MH MIchaela Huber PPT Academy and Practice | Kassel, Hesse, Germany | Invention of modern stress and trauma therapy, invention of modern treatment methods, | Michaela Huber
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ISSTD Distinguished Achievement Award
Michaela Huber was honoured with the ISSTD Distinguished Achievement Award for her outstanding contributions in the field of trauma therapy.
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Bertha Pappenheim Prize
Michaela Huber received the Bertha Pappenheim Prize from the German Association for her dedicated work and publications on dissociative identity disorders in women.
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Federal Cross of Merit
Michaela Huber was awarded the Federal Cross of Merit for her commitment to trauma therapy, the establishment of psychotrauma centres and networking in the field.
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ghp Healthcare & Pharma Awards
"Global Healthcare & Pharma Award 2023" for the best psychological education and training programme in Europe.
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ghp Mental Health Awards
At the ghp Mental Health Awards 2023, Michaela Huber was honoured as "Best Psychological Psychotherapist". This recognition reflects her outstanding work and commitment to psychotherapy.
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German Business Award 2023
Michaela Huber received the German Business Award along with other major German prizewinners for her outstanding performance despite the difficult economic situation.
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Michaela Huber

Stress expert

Michaela Huber is a psychological psychotherapist, supervisor, trainer, translator and author of numerous specialist books. Together with Prof. Reddemann and Dr Arne Hofmann Michaela Huber established modern trauma therapy in Germany. The three experts were supported by Onno van der Hart and Ellert Nijenhuis.

As an expert, she can be seen time and again in TV formats and advises politicians, organisations and associations. She was the first woman outside the USA and the first German to receive the internationally renowned "International Distinguished Achievement Award" for her research and specialist publications. She was awarded the Pappenheim Prize for her international commitment to improving the situation of women with dissociative identity disorder. Michaela Huber received the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany for her international commitment to severely traumatised people, for initiating the first women's shelters and establishing psychotrauma centres as well as for the international networking of colleagues who work with traumatised people.

Furthermore, Michaela Huber was awarded the "Mental Health Award 2023" for her therapeutic lifetime achievement, the "Global Healthcare & Pharma Award 2023" for the best psychological education and training programme in Europe and the "Women World Award 2023″ (USA) for "research in stress and trauma therapy and the development of modern treatment methods".

Ms Huber has already served as a psychotraumatologist in the Kosovo war and is now working for traumatised girls and women in the Ukraine war. After Germany, she and her team are setting up international institutes for research, teaching and therapy of stress disorders in Estonia, Portugal, Andalusia, Mallorca and Morocco. Other countries are already being planned.

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Learn more about the seminars and webinars of MH Akademie Michaela Huber PPT around the topics of trauma, supervision, dissociation and many more.

Year group

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In the year group, the "state of the art" of diagnostics and treatment for stress disorders is taught.


Case supervision under the direction of Michaela Huber
Supervision for professionals who have experience and training in treating people with stress disorders.

Special seminar

The sequential training on the topic: Stress sequelae disorders in people after leaving organised exploitation and destructive bonds.

Find a therapist

Overview of trauma therapists, counselling centres and trauma support centres


Walk & Talk in South Tyrol


With the expert on grief and trauma Ms Dorothea Rau-Lembke, Dipl. Psych.

Walk & Talk on Mallorca

Quality of life in turbulent times

Coaching and supervision on Mallorca with expert Kathrin Contzen

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MH Michaela Huber

MH Michaela Huber

Michaela Huber is a licensed psychological psychotherapist, supervisor and author https://linktr.ee/mhakademieundpraxisppt

12 hours ago
MH Michaela Huber

Ich wünsche Ihnen/Euch allen frohe Pfingsten. Als Aufbruch in den Frühling, in neue Zeit! Voller Licht, Klarheit, Wertschätzung und positiver Veränderung.

Herzlichst Ihre/Eure

Michaela Huber
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Ich wünsche Ihnen/Euch allen frohe Pfingsten. Als Aufbruch in den Frühling, in neue Zeit! Voller Licht, Klarheit, Wertschätzung und positiver Veränderung. Herzlichst Ihre/EureMichaela Huber

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Danke, für Sie und Ihre lieben Angehörigen ebenfalls ein schönes Pfingstfest…

Das wünsche ich Ihnen auch. Danke für das schöne Foto.

16 hours ago
MH Michaela Huber

Kennst du dieses Gefühl, dass dir gewisse Emotionen oder Handlungen bekannt vorkommen, obwohl du sie selbst nicht erlebt habt?

Oftmals tragen wir unbewusst den "Rucksack" unserer Familiengeschichte mit uns. Erfahrungen unserer Vorfahren können sich auf unsere eigenen Verhaltensmuster und Gefühle auswirken.

Die gute Nachricht ist: Wir können etwas daran ändern!

Indem wir uns mit unserer Familiengeschichte auseinandersetzen und negative Muster erkennen, können wir die Kette durchbrechen und eine selbstbestimmte Zukunft gestalten.

Habt ihr schon einmal eure Familiengeschichte erkundet?

#Familiengeschichte #Trauma #Self-discovery #Personality development #MichaelaHuber #mh-academy
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🧠 The power of thoughts: Beliefs and their impact on our lives 🧠

Our beliefs shape our reality. Beliefs are deeply rooted convictions that influence our behaviour and thinking and are often formed in childhood through upbringing and experiences.

🔸 Positive beliefs strengthen our self-confidence and promote success.
🔸 Negative beliefs can limit and block us.

A few examples:
✅ Positive beliefs: "I am capable and strong." "I deserve success."
❌ Negative beliefs: "I'm not good enough." "Success is only for others."

Beliefs influence our decisions and life paths. But there is hope: recognise and question negative beliefs in order to transform them.

Practical tips for changing beliefs:

Positive affirmations
Professional support
Change your beliefs, change your life.

Together we can transform your negative beliefs and bring about positive change in your life.

Do you have any questions or would you like to find out more? Please contact us:

#MichaelaHuber #MH-Academy #Beliefs #Change #howitmustnotremain
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2 days ago
MH Michaela Huber

The weekend has begun and it's time to find a moment to pause, breathe and recharge our batteries. 🌿💆‍♀️

Whether you opt for outdoor adventures, cosy moments at home or time with loved ones, don't forget to look after your needs and take good care of yourself. 🌺

It is so important to look after yourself and create space for relaxation.

Enjoy this weekend to the full and take time for the things that bring you joy. You deserve to be happy and healthy. 🌟💖

#self-care #emotions #personal growth #resilience 1TP5Carefulness #Self-reflection 1TP5 fulfilment #psychotherapy #michaealahuber #MH-academy
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