Psychotraumatology Support List
Michaela Huber

Michaela Huber at the Nachtcafé SWR / Baschi Bender
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Information on costs and use of the support list

Membership of the "Trauma Support List Huber" costs 6 € per month as an expense allowance.

Contact person for the support and subject list
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As the feedback shows, many would like to present their work and their job offers in the list, also commercial ones. The list is a job market, an information exchange, a huge supervision round, a counselling centre - in short, a big network.

If you would like to become a member of the Trauma Support List, please fill in the subscription form with direct debit authorisation below; please return the completed application to me.

General information on rules, conditions and data for list participation - please keep it safe.
Registration "Psychotraumatology Support List" and direct debit - please print, fill in and return to me