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Psychotraumatology Support List Michaela Huber

Information on costs and use of the support list

Membership of the "Trauma Support List Huber" costs 6 € per month as an expense allowance.

What do you get?

  • Continuously throughout the year, a wealth of information from the field of psychotraumatology, namely
  • Training courses, journalist enquiries, research projects and political initiatives are presented and, if necessary, participation is made possible/requested.
  • Information about vacancies in clinics, surgeries, about health centres etc. is disseminated.
  • New materials, books, TV programmes, internet information that could be of interest to those interested in psychotrauma are referred to - sometimes with concrete assessments or reviews.
  • You can ask all kinds of questions to the experts on the list and get bundled answers to questions of general interest, for example about specialised facilities and professional institutions, problems with experts, health insurance and socio-political questions; in therapeutic crises and in the search for cooperation partners in the profession.
  • There is always something for mental hygiene: touching and encouraging and funny materials.

As the feedback shows, many would like to present their work and their job offers in the list, also commercial ones. The list is a job market, an information exchange, a huge supervision round, a counselling centre - in short, a big network. 

If you would like to become a member of the Trauma Support List, please fill out the subscription form with direct debit authorisation below; please return the completed application to me.

General information on rules, conditions and data for list participation - please keep it safe. 
Registration "Psychotraumatology Support List" and direct debit - please print, fill in and return to me