Can trauma be "inherited"?

Michaela Huber - May 2017

Recognising and understanding complex trauma and dissociation

Dealing with severely and complexly traumatised victim-witnesses in accompaniment and in court Michaela Huber - September 2016

EMDR in the treatment of complex PTSD and dissociative disorders

Lecture: Michaela Huber on 07.05.2016 at the Charité in Berlin

Childhood trauma and its consequences

Michaela Huber - August 2015

Perpetrator loyalty and identification

Lecture: Michaela Huber April 2015

Couples and partnership

Lecture: Michaela Huber - December 2014

When things go bang at home

Children, young people and domestic violence Lecture: Michaela Huber - July 2014

Trauma and grief

What helps to cope with emotional shocks? Michaela Huber - May 2014

Trauma and addiction: From self-medication to healing

On the occasion of the 60th Youth Welfare Office Conference in Vienna Lecture: Michaela Huber - 2013

Organised exploitation, ritual violence and dissociative disorders

"The most important thing is to break the silence". Michaela Huber - March 2013

ESTD Conference 2012, 29 - 31 March

Lecture Challenges Michaela Huber 2012 English


Challenges in the treatment of complexly traumatised and highly dissociative people - German


Challenges in the Treatment of Complex Dissociative Disorders - English

Stabilise and/or process

Lecture July 2011 Michaela Huber

"As if it were a matter of life and death".

Lecture February 2011 Michaela Huber

The Affect Chain Practice - Keywords

Lecture February 2011 Michaela Huber

PTSD, complex trauma and dissociation

Learning from history ISSD e.V. 2009

"Mad for Peace"

"Normal in War - Crazy in Peace! Search for a psychosocial contribution to peace". Lecture June 2010 Michaela Huber

What motivates outpatient trauma therapists?

What motivates outpatient trauma therapists?

How should we deal with traumatised victims of forced prostitution?

Lecture September 2007 - Lecture on 6. 9. 2007 in Slubice/Pole

Dealing with evil in psychotherapy

Lecture October 2007 - Psychotherapy NRW

Early trauma - late consequences

Michaela Huber - September 2017

"My child is mine!" Transgenerational traumatisation and handling

Lecture Michaela Huber Family Judge Training January 2017

Addiction and trauma

Michaela Huber - 2016 - in Nagold

Exit from destructive bonds

But how does it work? Michaela Huber - February 2016

Trauma and counselling Michaela Huber - January 2016

Changing intergenerational patterns of violence

Lecture: Michaela Huber - October 2015

Trauma in the couple relationship

Michaela Huber - August 2015

Trauma in couple counselling and therapy

Lecture: Michaela Huber - December 2014

Recognising and understanding complex trauma

- an interdisciplinary challenge Michaela Huber - November 2014

Hate AND love?

Trauma and partnership Michaela Huber - June 2014

Trauma and attachment

Working with traumatised clients in child and youth welfare services Michaela Huber - May, 2014

Many in the paedo-crime web

Michaela Huber - March 2014

Workshop: Trauma and Addiction

On the occasion of the 60th Youth Welfare Office Conference in Vienna Lecturer: Michaela Huber - 2013

Organised sexual exploitation and ritual violence and Ritual violence, perpetrator contact and the exit from organised exploitation

Michaela Huber 06.02.2013

Can I get better ...

June 2011 Michaela Huber

Of good relationships, distance from horror and a balanced metabolism

Elements of modern trauma work after early experiences of violence February 2011 Michaela Huber

Counselling/therapy with offenders

How can they face up to the act and take their responsibility? Lecture June 2010 Michaela Huber

The collapse of humanity

What triggers wars and what follows them Lecture June 2010 Michaela Huber

Trauma treatment for children and adolescents

Lecture March 2007 - Jugendhof Vlotho

The angry youths

Lecture April 2007 - at the KIKT

Trauma therapy with torture victims: what to do - and what not to do?

Lecture on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Therapy Centre for Torture Victims

Treatment crises

Treatment courses in patients with severe dissociative disorders DeGPT Conference May 2006

Trauma and the consequences

Lecture May 2007 - Introduction for those affected and those who no longer want to be. And for helpers who want to be that for a long time to come.