Update and case seminar 2020:

"Organised exploitation and ritual violence"

Where do we stand with our clients who have experienced organised sexual violence and exploitation or ritual violence and torture? Where are the obstacles outside (e.g. continued contact with the perpetrator or further traumatisation?), where inside (boycotting perpetrator-imitating and perpetrator-loyal parts?) and where inside ourselves (resistance, blind spots, defence, flooding with horror, too much offered, danger of burning out...). This seminar is for those who are already in the middle of the work and who have already attended basic trainings with Michaela Huber or other trainers on the topic.

We work intensively on the topics together and in small groups:

  • How far have I got with the client on the issue of external exit from destructive attachments?
  • What are the priority areas at the moment - and are we making progress, or if we are stuck: What could be the reason?
  • Have we already been able to defuse the "training results" (so-called programmes or posthypnotic suggestions of a coercive nature), what questions arise and what comes next?
  • What about the "inner exit"? Which areas of the personality are currently suffering particularly from the increasing awareness of what really happened in the past, and how are they reacting to it?
  • What positive effects have already been achieved? Is the direction right? How can we measure that?
  • And last but not least: How do I deal with what my client tells me, how do I cope and process it, and what do I need to persevere?