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Podcast interview

Interview on trauma and (flood) disaster

News full meta!-Interview:

Six weeks after the flood disaster, we have seen numerous images of destruction: Houses in ruins, broken roads, destroyed landscapes. But what we do not yet see: the extent of the disaster inside, the wounds of the soul.


Deep Dive: The flood disaster - How can we help the soul, Michaela Huber?

Current full meta!-Podcast:

The flood disaster continues. Six weeks after this terrible event, we have seen numerous images of destruction.

Those who confide are not alone

Child abuse

Current interview at ZDFheute:

Children who have experienced abuse often keep quiet about it for many years. The international expert, psychotherapist Michaela Huber, explains why it helps adults and children to speak out about what they have experienced.

Mother of abuse victim in court

Münster abuse case

In the Münster abuse case, the mother of the now eleven-year-old victim must now answer to the Regional Court. Michaela Huber was interviewed as an international expert.

Inherited scars

Intergenerational trauma consequences

Contribution to YouTube

Recording of the Trauma Forum on the Flood Disaster 2021

of 16 August 2021 from Erftstadt

Contribution to YouTube:

Yvonne Birkel organised the first Trauma Forum on the 2021 flood disaster in Erftstadt. International trauma expert Michaela Huber was one of the invited guests.

Victims or accomplices? Cruel mothers and the long suffering of children

Abuse case of Staufen

Current article in Star Online:

Victim or accomplice. The international expert, Michaela Huber, has been investigating this question not only since the abuse scandal in Münster. The abuse case in Staufen already made it abundantly clear that mothers can also cruelly torture their own children for years.

A Analysis by Michaela Huber

The inner exit

by Michaela Huber with illustrations by Janina Röhrig

Published in 2018 by Books on Demand (ISBN-13: 9783752821482).

The hardcover edition has 352 pages and is available for 39 euros among other things. here available.